July 3, 2022

Low FODMAP Kimchi

Low FODMAP Kimchi

Low FODMAP Kimchi Kimchi is one of the staples of Korean cooking. Normally it would contain a fair few ingredients that are high fodmap. I have made a low fodmap version that excludes things such as onion and garlic. I have experimented with a few different types of kimchi to try to find a flavourful, […]

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Low FODMAP Passionfruit and pineapple sundae

Low FODMAP Passionfruit sundae

Low FODMAP Passionfruit sundae This decadent fruity low FODMAP passionfruit sundae is the perfect dessert to end any evening with. With ice cream and cream (lactose free of course!), homemade meringue, and fresh fruit this dessert has something for everyone! Meringue Perfect for any low FODMAP dessert, meringues are super versatile. Just two simple ingredients,

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